Our world is on the edge

Today there are no clear boundaries between anything anymore. At least it’s what it seems like. Any movie, book or a music album is never only about its story, cultural value. Someone doesn’t like the title, someone else doesn’t like a phrase or even a single word. And the war for social justice begins. What It’s funny how the freedom of the internet now is turning itself into a bizarre justice system. For example, nowadays users are often banned from Twitter. Not for doing something really morally wrong. Simply for a tweet, that may be perceived equally offensive and not offensive. Sure, Twitter is a business and may act as they please but 99.99% of what we say can be taken out of context and offend someone. Or rather, someone may take offense.

A point is well illustrated by Stephen Fry’s situation. Even though he quit Twitter himself, he couldn’t take any more criticism due to a joke he said as a BAFTA’s host. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/02/stephen-fry-quits-twitter-baftas 

I’d like to say that this is a very slippery slope but to be fair, I think it’s already too late. I invite you to look at our Congress. Unqualified. Corrupt. Useless. People call it that because almost 100% of the time parties, instead of putting everyday people as their main focus, they put ambition, anger and drama as the most important things. They often say

“If I can’t win, I’ll block everything till the end of the day but make sure my opponent doesn’t win as well”.

Now, going back to the internet, it’s a similar, self-destructive situation. We can’t have freedom because while you are free to express yourself, others get the freedom to get offended by even the most distant issues. Like holiday costumes, avatars, out of context phrases. Anything.

So, what should we do? God teaches us to care for our neighbor and in this case, I think this is the best advice. When you see something on the street or on the internet that you don’t agree with, really think what would Jesus do? Does speaking out only raise the diversity, the gap between us or will it result in another unnecessary, unwinnable argument?

If someone want to wear a funny hat, let them. If someone want to post their criticism or support on political correctness, let them. Even if someone else does something in the comfort of their homes that doesn’t hurt others, let them. Even if they gamble online http://www.casinosmash.com/slotsmagic-com/ or smoke, or drink, etc. If you want them find God, you can only do so by understanding them, caring for them and listening what they have to say instead of aggravating them by pushing belief on them.