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Because the articles in this magazine are so vital, instead of publishing this information in a book and selling it, Worldview Weekend and Brannon Howse have chosen to make it available for free through this magazine. We print 100,000 to 125,000 copies of this magazine twice per year. Some churches have ordered as many as 5,000 copies to insert into their church bulletins.

The articles in this free, full-color magazine include:

  1. Understanding The New Spirituality of Oprah Winfrey
  2. The New Spirituality and The Emergent Church
  3. Why The New Spirituality is Replacing Secular Humanism as the Predominant Western Worldview
  4. Three Worldview Merge: The Rise of One World Spirituality
  5. Political Correctness is Really Cultural Marxism

Not only is our magazine free, but we even pay for the cost of shipping quantities of this magazine to whoever desires quantities. If you agree with our commitment to not charge for our bi-annual magazine and to ship this magazine to whoever requests quantities, will you consider a small contribution toward this project? If you can not make a contribution, DO NOT let that stop you from ordering one copy of 1,000 copies or more of this magazine. All we ask is that you use them wisely and follow through on your commitment to distribute them. Thank you.

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