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Over 400 Worldview Weekend Keynote Presentations and Worldview Matters Episodes

Only $59.95!


When you join the Worldview Weekend Situation Room for the low price of just $59.95 per year you receive some of the following perks reserved for our members:

1)  As a member of the Worldview Weekend Situation Room, you have full access to our Worldview Weekend MP3 library. This library is filled with 153 Worldview Weekend keynote presentations from the past several years.  These presentations are by some of America’s premier speakers, authors, pastors, talk-shows hosts and commentators. You can listen online, download and burn to CD for your car or load onto your iPod.

At one time we sold the Worldview Weekend Treasury, that included 125 keynote presentations. This CD kit sold for $299.00. However, as a Worldview Weekend Situation Room member you have full access to this library for just $59.95 per year.

Throughout the year we will be adding new keynote presentations to the Worldview Weekend MP3 Library.

Click here for the list of Worldview Weekend Conference Keynote Presentations
Click here for the list of Archived Episodes of Worldview Matters

2)  As a member you have access to hundreds of episodes of the daily radio program “Worldview Matters” with Brannon Howse. This program is 55 minutes of cutting edge radio that will help you understand the times. Very few authors and talk show hosts understand the times like Brannon or are willing to discuss the topics he tackles with his many guests. Brannon and his guests have discussed crucial economic, political, cultural and policy trends months and even years before they actually occurred. The advantage you will gain from this program alone makes the Situation Room priceless.